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 WinMPG Video Convert

WinMPG Video Convert is a best video converter and a complete solution for video file conversion.It supports convert AVI to Mpeg1, AVI to Mpeg2, AVI to DVD, AVI toVCD, AVI to SVCD. And also RMVB to MPEG-1,MPEG-2,VCD,DVD,SVCD,AVI.And all media file to DivX, RMVB, WMV. And all to AVI. WinMPG Video Convert supports almost all media file format, include AVI, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, VCD, SVCD, DVD, DivX, ASF, WMV, RMVB, RM, QuickTime MOV MP4,and Flash SWF.

Requirements: Pentium III CPU 128 MB RAM

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Reviews / View as Forum Thread
03-Aug-2003 NR Review team NR/10
11-Jan-2010 NR dpjlegendary Best iPod tools on disount!Check all iPod software on holiday deal. All DVD tools: ripper, burner, Blu-ray...All DVD software on sale: DVD ripper, DVD burner, Blu-ray tools...
03-Mar-2006 NR pamela i kindly request you to email us the coding to convert movie to avi format,we are desperate to get it as soon as possible,mail id is
12-Dec-2005 NR danielson can sum1 plz email me the registration code im desperate 4 it coz all my file hav stupid writing "this is not a registered version....." in the middle of all my vids and i cant get it off sum1 plz email me da code at
13-Mar-2005 8 ift_1977 me required mpeg to mp4 convert software
03-Sep-2004 9 FrostWolf This program is great and its a very helpful tool at my work tough ive got one big problem.. When i try to convert MPEG1 files to AVI i get an error message saying " Floating point division by zero " Does anyone know what it means and if there is something to be done about this ?
30-Aug-2004 10 Steamer This program worke fine converting the avi's off my canon G3 to mpg.
30-Jul-2004 3 rnshicks It converted my MOV to an AVI but there is a stupid message in the middle. Don't want to pay $30 just to do one file!
22-Jul-2004 8 nez where do i get the answer to these queries? i too want to convert avi, mpg formats to mp4 or 3gp for my SE- P900!!
11-Jul-2004 5 testers xxxxxxxxxxxx
05-Jul-2004 10 sabrinarisa Downloaded the trial to convert .mov to .avi and it worked for me, too bad there was this big
24-Jun-2004 1 gator horrible get green bars in movie and then it stops before the end and goes back to beginning and if you want support forget it, emailed 3 times and got no response
23-Jun-2004 10 Meee YESSS - to all, it does the trick - i can't stand having to download quicktime only to play the MOV movies i record with my camera with 640x480 quality and not be able to play it in full screen and WMP9 will not play MOV's
15-May-2004 1 peterpan I got this because I wanted to convert MOV files to somethiong else, as I refuse to put QUCKTIME on my system. Guess what it told me when I installed it... to get QUICKTIME. Thank God for try before buying! Save your money!
04-May-2004 10 stangracing so i got winmpg video converter 5.4 but i cant find a patch for it i find 1.6 patch and 2.5 patch but cant find a place to donload thoses versions
09-Apr-2004 10 bigtez trial version no good use radtools its free and it converts all mov files, and its quick
05-Apr-2004 1 mkia So far, trial version makes 2-3 minute AVI's from the first frame of an MOV file with their logo on it. Not impressed enough to pay money for it.
04-Apr-2004 1 badIo nothing works, pass your way!
20-Mar-2004 10 khryz Can I convert a .MOV file to a .MPEG file using the Trial Version? If not, is there any other free program I can get to do it? This is all I need to do, and don't want to buy something. Thanks!
17-Mar-2004 3 Tommaso It took 3 hours to convert a ten minute DIVX clip to DVD and it crshed on the last 92%. TMPGEnc Plus and TMPGEnc DVD Author are much more reliable and utilize a fast system to it's fullest. Don't bother with anything else - i've tried them all. Trust me, you won't be disapointed with those two I mentioned.
12-Mar-2004 10 cdavies Wanted to convert .mov files to .avi tried a few other programs first, none of them worked!, downloaded this program, looks good and did what i required... bloody good!
08-Mar-2004 1 Annorax DivX AVI to DVD crashes every time right from the start. Meh! I paid $30 for this!?
08-Mar-2004 5 frogtumor converted a PNG/Qdesign Music 2 MOV to AVI and a raw-format AVI into MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 successfully. However, I object to the obnoxious user interface, and the mpeg compression settings leave MUCH to be desired. If you really want to do MPEG work, get TMPGEnc. Otherwise useful for juggling AVI and MOVs around. [tested under win2k with quicktime 6]
03-Mar-2004 10 harshesh does this convert mov files to mpeg files directly?
19-Feb-2004 1 Ghistos Didn't work for me. Tried to convert mov to avi, always get a flag error.
17-Feb-2004 10 aaronagarcia how can i convert a mpg. to mpeg2-svcd to play on a cd-r on my apex dvd player.What program should i use!!!!
13-Feb-2004 2 abcyyz Can anybody tell me how I can convert multiple WMV files to MPEG for VCD burning. I haven't found anything!!!! if you can help!
13-Feb-2004 9 mikeuk Easy Peasy...Works Great!
10-Feb-2004 10 ibras I only tried mov to avi convertion. It is working great.
09-Feb-2004 1 freeuser I only tried mov to avi convertion. It did not work.
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Quick facts
Product WinMPG Video Convert
Publisher bookaa
Platform Windows 7/Vista/XP/ME/2000/98
Filesize 19,364 K
Released 05-Jun-2014
License Shareware
Cost $30.00
Expires Expires after no Days
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 257237 (0)
Rating 8.36 (0)
Votes 4419 (0)
Summary rating +2230.47 (0)
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