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Top: Software: DOS
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  Title, Description, License, Cost, Platform Release Date Price Downloads Rating/Votes
HDD Regenerator 2011 Pick Register
HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them!
[ Demo, $99.99 - Windows 7/Vista/XP; DOS ]
30-Apr-2013 6,591 K 1761
  BootIt Next Generation 1.32 Pick Register
An excellent partition and multi boot manager with a powerful and simple to use set of tools to quickly partition, image, or multi boot your computer. It combines the features of several standalone products costing hundreds of dollars more.
[ Shareware, $29.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; Linux; DOS ]
09-Sep-2002 438 K 2414
  Allenatore - Italian Football Manager II 1.53 Register
Soccer manager game for the PC. Take control of a soccer (football) team in the Italian leagues. Make team selections, tactical decisions, transfers, financial control and all the day to day operations of a major soccer club.
[ Shareware, $21.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; DOS ]
26-Nov-2003 968 K 906
7tools Partition Imager 2005 Pick Register
7tools Partition Imager 2005 affords everything you may need to backup your data. It supports all commercial operating systems and is suitable for both daily and rare needs, for either the inexperienced user or the advanced professional.
[ Shareware, $39.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; DOS ]
08-Apr-2004 5,264 K 2908
Code 39 Font Advantage Package 3.0 Pick Register
TrueType, PostScript and PCL Code 3 of 9 bar code fonts.
[ Shareware, $139.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS ]
15-Apr-2001 1,086 K 1321
PostNet and OneCode Barcode Font Package 6.09 Pick Register
The IDAutomation PostNet and OneCode Font Advantage Package includes all of the fonts to support USPS automation including Postnet, Code 128, Planet, OCR-A and the new OneCode Solution 4-State Customer Barcode.
[ Shareware, $139.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/CE; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS ]
26-Sep-2006 2,026 K 715
IDAutomation UPC EAN Barcode Fonts 6.08 Pick Register
The IDAutomation UPC EAN Font Advantage Package is a professional, advanced font set with tools, macros and source code that uses a single font file to create UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-14, JAN, ISBN and Bookland bar codes.
[ Shareware, $139.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X/CE; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS ]
13-Sep-2006 2,330 K 2237
COMM-DRV/Lib Standard Edition 19.0 Pick Register
Professional serial communication library - DLL for Windows MSDOS libraries. Supports ZModem, YModem, XModem file transfer protocols, modems, Microsoft Visual C/C++, Borland C/C++, Access, Visual Basic, QuickBasic, all tools that can call DLLs.
[ Shareware, $99.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; DOS ]
10-Nov-2003 9,033 K 1450
EZ Barcode Font Package 1.2 Pick Register
An easy to install and use TrueType barcode font package for Windows.
[ Shareware, $99.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS ]
10-May-2002 163 K 1302
Code 128 Font Advantage Package 3.0 Pick Register
TrueType, PostScript and PCL Code 128 bar code fonts.
[ Shareware, $139.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS ]
15-Apr-2001 796 K 2320
  Keyboard Tester 1.0 Register
Keyboard Tester Version 1.0 lets you test the keys and buttons on your keyboard. You can also test some controls on your keyboard with this program. The types of controls this program can test are the Zoom Controls on keyboards.
[ Shareware, $25.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; DOS ]
14-Sep-2006 57 K 1174
  2D/3D Horizontal Bar Graph Software 4.63 Register
2D / 3D Horizontal Bar Graph provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of bar graphs into web pages. Versatile components enable web authors and Java developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive bar graph
[ Shareware, $49.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X/CE; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS; Other OS ]
08-Feb-2006 359 K 40
Disk Password Protection 4.7.419.0 Register
Disk Password Protection 4.7: a comprehensive suite of hard-drive protection/access restriction tools. Protect your disk/partitions with a password, ban all reading/writing activity, limit launch of specified files to authorized personnel only, etc.
[ Shareware, $49.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98; DOS ]
18-Apr-2006 2,295 K 37
  Batch Sender 2.0 Register
Batch Sender is a command line tool, that can run on Windows (DOS), Solaris, Linux, AIX, HPUX (if you need we can make a special executable for other OS like Mac OS X, SCO, BSD, IRIX, Tru64, ...) in the same way.
[ Shareware, $15.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95; Linux; DOS; Other OS ]
25-Apr-2005 766 K 45
2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software 4.1 Register
2D / 3D Pie Chart provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of pie charts into web pages. Versatile components enable web authors and Java developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive pie charts.
[ Shareware, $49.95 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/CE; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS ]
04-Jun-2003 220 K 121
CDBF for DOS 2.99 Register
CDBF for DOS is a powerful database viewer and editor that lets individuals and business users access databases directly without programming via the text interface. The program can repair corrupt database file headers.
[ Shareware, $35.00 - DOS ]
11-May-2017 186 K 263
PS3 game list 1.0 Register
This e-book includes all Playstation 3 games with release date before 2010.6.10.All games are listed in alphabetical order. Information includes: game's Title, developer, publisher, date of release in various regions, and ps3 exclusive.
[ Shareware, $0.00 - Windows XP/98/CE; Macintosh; Linux; DOS ]
12-Jun-2010 736 K 94
  Image for DOS 1.34 Register
Image is a DOS based backup and restore utility that creates a snapshot of an entire partition or volume to a set of files or directly to most ATAPI CD-R/RW drives.
[ Shareware, $18.95 - DOS ]
09-Sep-2002 329 K 743
  PDSYMS DWG 2.0 Pick Register
PDSYMS v2.0 is an DWG format Architectural/ Interiors Symbols Library Add-on for all CADD packages running on all platforms and Operating Systems.
[ Shareware, $55.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; Macintosh; Macintosh 68k; Linux; DOS; Multiplatform ]
17-Mar-2002 1,600 K 1015
Real Time Sound Comparator 8.0 Register
Program for defining the identity of a sound signal with previously recorded patterns in real time mode and off-line mode: TV, Radio, Video advertising announcements monitoring, making songs ratings, broadcasting copyrights control etc.
[ Shareware, $35.00 - Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95/3.X; DOS ]
11-Sep-2006 690 K 263
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